Wildlife Feed & Food Plot Seed


We offer a variety of wildlife feeds and supplements for squirrels, turkeys and deer! 

We have custom mixes that are formulated for the wildlife to help supplement them through the harsh winter months!


Whether you're starting from scratch or maintaining your existing plot, we have everything you need to plant a high quality food plot!

We work with Deer Creek Seed to provide you the highest quality food plot seed. 


We have annual and perennial seeds available in mixes or we can custom mix to your desire with our ala cart selection!

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Without a doing a soil test, you can be over- or under-applying nutrients and you’d never know until the situation becomes serious. This can have detrimental effects on both your crops and your soil quality.

In the case of wildlife food plots, the most common mistake is to over-fertilize. A lot of hunters and growers forget they aren’t growing crops at production agriculture levels, so they fertilize every year before planting a food plot, and they don’t get soil tests done to make sure they actually need it.

The amount of nutrients needed to grow crops for grain or vegetable production are much higher than to grow crops for forage use by wildlife. Over time, this over-application of fertilizer and/or lime can detrimentally affect the growth of your food plot crops by negatively affecting nutrient uptake in the plants and raising the pH of the soil to inhospitable levels. Plus, you may be contributing to runoff pollution and you’re definitely throwing money down the drain on unnecessary inputs.

Soil Testing

WARNING: These and other such products should not be used for feeding or baiting in counties and jurisdictions that prohibit their use in such manner. Please contact the DNR for baiting and feeding regulations in your area.